The team

Albert Munné

Albert Munné graduated in Industrial Engineering from the UdG (University of Girona), although his musical vocation led him to specialise in Modern Music at the Musicians’ Workshop in Barcelona. Passionate about anthropology, biology and human evolution, he has always looked for ways in which new technologies can marge with these sciences and explore new paths and possibilities. He is the BabyWiseTunes® and the ETFES© Method founder.

For many years, he has combined his engineering work with the creation of musical products for the business sector, and has specialised in Sonic Branding, a discipline that aims to reflect the personality of a brand in a piece of music.

His extensive knowledge and experience relating to music and its effects on the human mind led him to become Professor of Harmony, Film Scoring and Musical Language .


Our collaborators have been essential for this dream to see the light, without their help BabyWiseTunes© would not have been born.

Dr. David Riba Cano

Graduated in History and Social Anthropology from the UB (University of Barcelona), graduated in Biology and specialising in Primatology also at the UB. Doctor of Quaternary and Pre-History from the URV (Rovira i Virgili University). He has overseen the scientific study and a collaborator in establishing the ETFES Method methodology.

You can refer to the publications and dissertations on Social Learning by Dr. David Riba Cano on this link.

Mònica Sarrats Vilaplana

Graduated in Psychology from UdG (University of Girona). She has a Post-graduate degree in Psychopathology Update, evaluation strategies and intervention techniques in Health Psychology. She has completed a Higher University Course on Mediation at URJC (King Juan Carlos I University) and has an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) specialising in Psychology and quality of life.

Eduard Pérez Bach

Eduard Pérez Bach is co-founder of BabyWiseTunes©. He is also the artistic director, co-founder and coach at EUMES.

He is the promoter of the EUMES Showcase and artistic manager of the agency Springboard Entertainment. He is currently a juror of Movistar Artsy and coordinator of Negrita Sound Talent.

His solid knowledge on music, acquired since he started studying music theory at 6 years of age, allowed him to evolve rapidly within the music industry and launch himself as a DJ in the legendary club La Sala del Cel, where he established his residency for 10 years (1996-2006).

In year 2000 he created the first electronic music record labelExploited Dj’s Records, where he could collaborate with artists like Valentino Kanzyany, Rino Cerrone and Frank Muller, among others.

During his career as a DJ he has been on tour an European Level with renowned artists within the electronic music scene such as Jeff MillsSven VäthLaurent GarnierMarco Carola or Justice.

In 2006 he started his career path in the field of events planning and management, by creating Bollotronik Parties Bcn-Mad, La Sala del Cel Parties and Pacmad Club.

In terms of image, he is sponsored by Pepperline and collaborates with international brands such as Red Bull.

Carles Reixach Fonoll

Carles Reixach is co-founder of BabyWiseTunes©. He is also the director and co-founder of EUMES, where he also gives music production classes. He’s an Ableton Certified Trainer.

He is a specialist in music production and sound design for audiovisual media. He has, along his career path, made music productions for television (RTVE, Canal+, TV3), documentaries (“El Bulli: The Story of a Dream”), advertising (Popstarz) and cinema (“Confidencias” 35mm), both at a national and international level.

His experience has allowed him to work in projects of every existing style and format: classic, modern, electronic, acoustic, etc. Always in constant evolution and conscious that music and sound are his greatest vocation, he currently works producing music and designing sounds for the video game sector.

Lluís Guerra Recas

He is active as a composerpianist and pedagogue. Versatile as he is, he works in different fields like music composition for audiovisualscontemporary compositions and improvisation.

Graduated in Barcelona as Senior Teacher for Piano and Music Theory, he has explored contemporary music and jazz until his debute as a keyboard player and concertist.

After obtaining several scholarships, he specialised in composition and filmscoring at Berklee (USA) and also obtained a Superior Grade in Design (UPC).

After his work in the USA collaborating with Klaus Badelt, he has founded the music production agency “Music eMotion” and has maintained a diverse activity as a composer of chamber musicchoralspiano workssoundtracksfolk songs as well as production for audiovisuals and commercial music.

Lluís Guerra has worked for years teaching music, piano and composition for the Department of Education of the Generalitat (Catalan administration) at the Isaac Albéniz Music Conservatory in Girona and at several specialised centres.

Three great passions in one app

Three great passions move us: nature, music and human beings
The conviction that music can explain our history and our evolution set the author off on this adventure which became BabyWiseTunes©.

The sounds that a mother’s body produces are the first connection that human beings have with the outside world. Sound as the first sensitive bond between a mother and her future baby, a fact which highlighted the importance and effects that sound has on people.

A childhood memory nagged at us, we all remembered those classmates that had excellent marks with very little effort. This memory deeply interested us upon discovering that there was a common denominator: good musical skills. This was the trigger to begin forming the first version of the ETFES© Method, musical training adapted for babies.



The origin of the method

After months of analysis, we proposed to a couple of mothers and their children to participate in a possible study, listening to the sessions, collecting weekly data, and finally testing the babies’ cognitive flexibility and musical cognition.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and soon we already had more than 30 families participating in the project. Week after week we received very positive feedback from every one of the mothers and fathers. It was very exciting. The babies’ reactions were so curious that we remained in constant contact, noting everything that the mothers observed.

What we shared was so transcendental that we can only summarize it with words like life and happiness. We are still carrying out our studies. We’ll keep you up to date.

Studies are currently being carried out to continuously improve the musical sessions and their effects.

The babies who were exposed to the ETFES© Method got better results in the different cognitive tests.