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    is a smartphone application that
    integrates the ETFES© (Ear Training for Early Stimulation) Method, a unique early stimulation
    method for babies that combines the language of music and sound. Boost your baby’s brain power. Boost your baby’s ability to learn any language.

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A musical teaching method for babies that integrates music and family happiness


The arrival of a baby is always a significant change. Understanding each person’s role, managing a team, adjusting to situations and sharing those moments in which a look, a simple gesture or a small sound can make us smile, is essential for everyone. The smallest detail can make us feel that love that cannot be defined, which can only be felt, and which will create an emotional and affective bond over time.

In a baby’s development, the correct satisfaction of her emotional needs is essential to ensure the subsequent comprehensive development of her personality and intellect.

Emotional stimulations are most effective, generating a greater number of neurotransmitters. Baby’s first connections with the adult also correspond to an emotional level. That is why BabyWiseTunes® has created a method of musical learning for babies that integrates the universal language of emotions: the language of music, and combines it with one of the main concepts of family happiness: the emotional bond.


Have fun with BabyWiseTunes®

Experience and share your baby’s early stimulation through the language of music

Music is the universal language of emotions!

and BabyWiseTunes® is the app with a unique method
that will let you educate and stimulate your baby’s musical pitch from love and affection

The ETFES© Method has been developed and tested by BabyWiseTunes®,
and is the first early stimulation method that sets out
auditory musical training for your baby and adapts it so that both
of you can connect in a unique and special way.

A unique and personal moment

Any peaceful moment can be ideal for doing the BabyWiseTunes® sessions. You can
do them while you play, while giving baby a massage, to wake her up
or help her sleep, at the end of day as a family or at any time that is best for you.

Although you will see very curious reactions when carrying out the sessions during breastfeeding
or at bath times, since at these times the baby is receiving powerful stimuli and fails to produce an adequate early stimulation.
It is preferable to use these situations as an occasional extra: for example, if the baby has already listened
to two sessions in a day, you can do the third one at one of these times. 

• If you wish, you can find out more about our method or the experience of those who have already tried
it in the sections:
ETFES© Method and Stories

Welcome to BabyWiseTunes!

When can I begin to use BabyWiseTunes® with my baby?

From 1 month old

The ETFES© Method is designed to be applied after the first month of
your baby’s life. Once the first bonds have been created and the first routines established is the best time to begin: the ideal moment for starting early stimulation and forming an emotional bond with our newborn.

Consult how to apply the ETFES Method according to the stage of growth (0-3 years old) in what your baby is: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-36 months.

Our stories

Read the opinions of other parents who have tried our method

"Participating in this project was a highly rewarding experience for me and my daughter. I loved seeing how Abril continued interacting with the music more and more, week after week. Now that she's a bit bigger, seeing how she has a really broad vocabulary and how she understands everything we say, makes me see that the method really works."
Emma LlensaMother of Abril
"Participating in this project has been a gift! A musical routine that gave us the possibility to stop everything and just watch and listen to Pau. The music transported me to places where I felt calm and had complete peace of mind. Also, seeing how Pau acquired listening and speaking skills so early allows me to confirm that it works wonders."
Imma GaroleraMother of Pau
"The sessions have been moments of peacefulness, relaxation and connection between me and my daughter. They have been times when we could create a bond and just enjoy the moment!"
Marta BorrellMother of Clara
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